We have represented hundreds of clients in eviction cases, building code matters, and in other areas of landlord/tenant relations, such as declaratory actions to clarify a lease and drafting or negotiating terms of leases.

If you are a landlord, you probably know that tenants’ rights are extremely well protected in Illinois. We know that if your tenant is not paying you rent, your ability to pay your mortgage and other expenses related to the property is jeopardized. We work quickly and diligently to get your tenants that are behind in their rent or otherwise violating their lease out of your property. Nathaniel D. Lawrence has been handling eviction cases for over 25 years and has the knowledge and experience to get tenants out quickly so that you can have your property back.

Building code violations with your municipality can be difficult and time consuming to resolve. Call us to have an experienced attorney go to building court on your behalf and defend unwarranted claims, or negotiate time for you to complete any necessary work and defend the imposition of fines for the violations.

If you are thinking of entering into a commercial lease, the money you spend to have the lease reviewed by an experienced and competent attorney will be worth what you can avoid in having to deal with repair issues, rent issues, or other problems that may arise during the lease term. Both Gael Morris and Judy K. Maldonado have drafted and reviewed numerous commercial leases and are able to explain the provisions of the lease, provide legal advice to protect your interests prior to entering into the lease, and negotiate the lease with the attorney for either the landlord or the tenant.

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